PythonBrasil[7] = Excellent!

Last week from 29-Sep to 01-Oct we had the amazing 7th PythonBrasil conference, for the first time in São Paulo. Since I've start to use Python in 2002 I loved the language, but after getting introduced to the PythonBrasil community in 2004 I've boosted my development skills, got some friends and even my first job (INdT-Recife) was a kind recommendation from Osvaldo Santana in 2005. By 2005 we had the 1st PythonBrasil Conference, then called PyConBrasil, here in Campinas with the help of UNICAMP and our amazing non-stop contributor Rodrigo Senra. It was very cool, I even presented a talk there... and it motivated me to go to following conferences in 2006 and 2007 as well. However if starting to work at INdT reduced my spare time since late 2006, after ProFUSION was born in 2008 I had no time to participate in the lists or even go to conferences. What a shame! I couldn't see how shameful it was until I did this PythonBrasil in 2011. I' m yet to see a conference with so kind people. People still remembered me and I was ashamed when I couldn't remind their names... although they did remember mine (NOTE TO CONFERENCE: bigger names next year!) Some would even let me know they still use Eagle-Py, something that I already forgot about. And people I had closer contact before were willing to talk as if we had met last week. Amazing. During these talks I've catch up with Rodrigo Senra, Luciano, Osvaldo, Erico, Marco André, Sidnei, Fernando and many more I couldn't remember. However one of the talks was very special: talked to Gustavo Niemeyer about Go programming language. That's right, people were so kind and open we had a keynote about Go, and we talked a lot afterwards without problems! :-P Gustavo showed me some nice details about the language and my mind is now burning! I must do Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) + Go = EGO, a perfect GUI tool. But I was of use... not just a leecher! I went there to present 3 talks (slides in Portuguese!): Last but not least, I'd like to thank everyone that did this amazing conference possible!