EFL portability shines: native PS3 support!

While most projects praises portability with fancy things like "gchar" (Gtk), fancy names like "LightHouse" (Qt) or completely new abstraction concepts, The Enlightenment Project always choose a simple approach to use POSIX and fill the gaps as required. This requires much less work and yields the same or better results, as we could see in the past and now being the first toolkit to be ported to PlayStation3 (native, no Linux)!
As announced by the the developer, KaKaRoTo, in our official news the port was done on top of our existing SDL backend in a couple of days, then being migrated to native PlayStation3 using unofficial SDK PSL1GHT for jailbroken systems. There is still no hardware acceleration, yet it runs fine a physics game at Full HD. Right now we have port to MacOS and Windows, including WinCE. Given our scarce resources we do not lag behind Qt or Gtk in portability front. Basically what we have is one brave developer called Vincent Torri that is a Math professor and do it on his spare time! Vincent could do it by keeping our approach: use POSIX and fill the gaps. He created "Evil", a library to provide missing functions to Windows. Kakaroto then created "Escape" to do the same for PSL1GHT. Seems this approach works fine ;-)