Enlightenment meets ConnMan

I'm proud to present you with my last Enlightenment module: ConnMan!

ConnMan module popup.

For those unfamiliar with ConnMan, it is a solution to configure and manager your network connections. Unlike NetworkManager, it is very simple and fast, specially for users of it's DBus API. It will manage everything, including DNS proxy to avoid messing with your /etc/resolv.conf. It also handles WiFi, Ethernet, WiMax, Bluetooth and even Cellular connections easily. For developers using it, it is very simple to use and you just need to use the high level "Service" interface.

ConnMan module tooltip

In order to make it more useful, I created econnman inside e_dbus that abstracts the DBus API as a nice C interface that matches it perfectly and optimally, keeping objects in sync with server and emitting Ecore_Event whenever things change.

The module is quite simple, yet useful. As seen in the above screenshots, it will list the current status and service name (if module is bigger than 32px), when you mouse over it will show a fancy popup with more details, including error messages and IPv4 addresses. If you click it, you get a simple popup with the current connected service selected and clicking it will disconnect, while clicking a new one will connect to that one. Services requiring password will automatically ask for it, while those that failed to connect will also re-ask your password.

The module nicely exposes the offline mode feature to turn off radios. It integrates well with E17 mode: whenever you change E17 or ConnMan, they will sync with the other.

There is still work to do, mainly focus on the cellular specific needs and also create static services. And I also plan to have an application to allow managing your services, reorder them (that defines the priority) and even switch technologies that are available.