Webkit-EFL interface prototype

After INdT guys released Webkit-EFL port last week some E hackers started to work an user interface on top of it, with Raoul creating a prototype called "ewww". I joined the hacking by creating my git repository with patches on top of Raoul's, refactored some bits and made two smart objects: one for the scrolled webview and another with controls. Graphics and layout should be read from EDC descriptions and it looks like this: This screenshot shows no scrollbars, but they exist on the right and bottom sides, they're indicators only and will fade away after 1 second they're displayed (usually by movements). Movements can be done by keyboard, mouse wheel or panning (drag on an "blank" area). Progress bar is under location text, like Safari. You can notice some details like smooth shadow on the viewport. It is still very preliminary, Webkit-EFL needs lots of interfaces exposed and some bugs fixed, but we hope this can serve as a testbed for development and gather requirements. After some more work we'll move it into E's SVN under PROTO, but the name should change to something else since not everybody likes ewww. The good thing is that many people have ideas with regard to browser UI for embedded systems, raster wants to implement it as a little dragable icon that expands into full contros. I want to have each browser tab as a separate process and reparent its X window to a master process window/tab manager, much like Google Chrome. Let's see how it works out in real use. For those which would like to test:
    # if you don't have webkit-efl port, check it out: WARNING: this is HUGE!
    git clone git://code.staikos.net/webkit
    cd webkit
    git checkout origin/kenneth/efl-port
    ./autogen.sh --with-port=efl --enable-web-workers=no
    make all install

    # checkout my ewww:
    git clone git://git.profusion.mobi/users/gustavo/ewww.git
    cd ewww
    ./autogen.sh && make all install

EDIT: ewww repository missed ".git" extension.

EDIT.2: to get ewww you need git clone instead of git checkout.