Evas on N800: blazing fast!

After some time working on 16bpp engine for Evas, I finally managed to get something working, and working really fast!

The code, which I've already commited it to CVS, does transparency, scale, colorize, operates on images, rectangles and fonts (gradients, polygon and lines are postponed due reduced usage).

Those interested in porting apps written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries can start to port, since I've also made it available from Ecore_Evas. [if you are such interested guy, let me know]

Sorry for no videos, but I have no camera in hand today, maybe tomorrow I can post one. In meantime, you can get your scratchbox and compile it straight from CVS:

cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@anoncvs.enlightenment.org:/var/cvs/e checkout e17
compile e17/libs/evas and e17/apps/expedite, run expedite -e x11-16 to use my engine.