GIT is really great

I've been using GIT as version control system for my Python bindings for Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and I'm really enjoying.

As most FOSS developers, I've used CVS for some time, then when SVN appeared I've tried and liked it very much, lots of problems that I had with CVS were fixed, but one remaining problem stand still: offline commits. Nothing sucks more than working with huge changes offline and having to maintain the split patches yourself... or creating a local SVN to do it for me and then producing patches and applying to the other repository.

I've started my bindings and hope them to get hosted on, so I wouldn't bother opening a SF project for it, however I don't like to work without version control system. I was about to issue "svnadmin create" when I was informed about ruby bindings and I saw they use GIT, so I opted to give it a try.

The first thing you will notice is that it's damn fast! I also like some utilities they provide, that makes day-to-day development cool. I still cannot say how much hurdle is to work collaboratively and neither if I like to pull, push, merge or what, since I'm working alone, but seems that the worst case will be just like CVS/SVN, but there is a comparison of Git and SVN.

If you have not tried GIT yet, checkout the introduction tutorial, "Git crash course for {CVS,SVN} users", "Everyday GIT with 20 commands or so" and "Introduction to git-svn".