New maemo player: "catota"

Some time ago, just after Morpheuz posted "Prison Break: Freedom for your videos", people were asking for UI being able to play it, so I joined the bandwagon and started to write a MPlayer frontend in Python, "Catota" was born. Catota main screen, with menuCatota, which means "snot" in Brazil (see README), is a quick hack and will not evolve as yet-another-player, however it's usable and extensible, so I can continue my experiments. As the screenshots show, it has a plugin system to enable various sources, featuring now "GMyth Streamer" (broken, see below), "Local Files" and "Pass Through" (to pass anything to MPlayer, like smb://a/b/c). These experiments were really useful for both Catota and GMyth Streamer. I've discovered that MPlayer for Maemo now uses dspmp3sink by default, and that sucks a lot! Hell, just being back to ffmpeg codecs and esd output solved a lot of problems, that's why Catota ships with this by default. Also, MPlayer crashes more than expected when using Xv output and toggle fullscreen. On GMyth Streamer front, what Artur (Morpheuz) did great was to discover MEncoder settings, but his server was a bit bad (we share the same house here in Recife, so I know he did the entire code on a Sunday night!), so I got some knowledge with Python and its libraries (SocketServer and friends) and give him a hand, providing a Catota-Server as example. This Catota-Server is now the base of GMyth Streamer! Great! (However now I need to update GMyth Streamer source to use the new schema). On the Catota features, I did a really nice thing that should be adopted by every Maemo application: auto-save every input field. Catota always remember last volume, mute, selected file, entered URL... It just sucks having to set those every time you start the application. Catota Preferences Catota welcomeSource is available at: (SVN)